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Themed Advisors works with clients to develop themed attractions and establish the correct foundation to do the right things, while doing things right. 

Themed Advisors is an advisory service focused on the themed attractions industry. Most successful business initiatives in the themed attractions industry are the result of an entrepreneur with a vision to give back to the community, or a government initiative to generate “cultural” offerings to address a growing middle class economic segment in the region. 


In the US and Europe, the themed attractions industry has reached a very mature status. In Asia and the Middle East, it is still in an infancy stage with opportunities for new entrants. There are multiple examples of large scale investments in markets from China and Malaysia to Indonesia and Dubai. Many of these efforts were well intended but missed the market dynamic, or simply were not conceived in a manner, to parallel the market needs.


The purpose of Themed Advisors is to assist our clients in assessing the concept of a themed attraction development and to begin with the appropriate tools to assess the potential. We guide our clients efforts to scale the investment and the offering in a way that meets the market needs, while being culturally relevant to the markets served. Too many projects are begun with grand aspirations, but they lack the vision, mission, core values, differential qualities and strategic objectives to succeed. 

Tom Mehrmann
Owner and Principal
Diana Mehrmann
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